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About Flat.Tips

Special Technical Features | Extensive Marketing Efforts

Flat.Tips is an ad platform developed as more broad and flexible for vendors and as more exactly in search results for web visitors. So finally the use of the web portal and insertion of data can be a little bit different as usual. We think that is your advantage!

We don’t use any individual texts in the ads, so everybody can insert all data in its own language and all displayed texts are without automatic and possible false translations. Instead all was right manually translated from professional translators.

In the system process we have in detail integrated the whole different sales and rent types of properties and rooms. So interested parties can easily choose the appropriate listing types on the Flat.Tips homepage. And in the search forms it is possible to restrict a search of categories with further desired search filters.

Flat.Tips is offering a permanently low price concept for small ad budgets, with the possibility to publish the whole portfolio from agencies for wide supra-regional long term promotions.

Additionally we deal with a large German market presence for a constant customer acquisition for our Flat.Tips members. But we are very busy in different local locations with advertising measures too, as well as in winning new international clients for our vendors and hosts.

We like to do our job and we are using the newest technologies to bring our success to you. Flat.Tips is using redundant server systems and newest software solutions to power our ad platform. Of course, for us data backups and data protection is very important. That’s why the Flat.Tips web portal is running in a computer center in the European Union. The data center in Germany is provided with the highest security standards with a ISO 27001 certification.

We are here for you and you can contact us whenever you want. The Flat.Tips Team wishes you a great and successful business day. You are welcome!

Flat.Tips Marketplace | Made In European Union

Multilingual B2C & B2B Advertising Platform

International Promotions As Well As German Marketplace Presence For Customer Acquisition

System Development And Advertising Campaigns In The Real Estate Industry And Tourism Sector

Certified Network Engineer | Real Estate Agent

Flat.Tips is supported by a Certified Network Engineer which was involved in different property portal IT system development projects. The platform creation process is assisted by a Real Estate Agent with more than 15 years of experience in the real estate market beside the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, as well as being engaged in property deals in Germany.

Support Team

Qualified technicians are working proactively for monitoring of the operating system, the database and further tools, as well as controlling the hardware environment.

System developers and programmers are engaged with the web portal development and troubleshooting of the plattform scripts.

Different security tools are running on platform and server level for the system and data security.

A high performance redundant infrastructure is used with location in the European Union.

Multiple backup systems are the guarantee for excellent data protection.

Data Privacy

The data privacy is handled by a law firm with specialist lawyers for the data protection regulations.